Starlight Distillery Blackberry Flavored Whiskey 750ml
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Starlight Distillery Blackberry Flavored Whiskey

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Category Whiskey
Origin United States, Indiana
Brand Starlight Distillery
Proof 84.00
Historically, blackberries were an important agriculture crop in Starlight and on the Huber property dating back to 1843. As with anything the Huber family sets out to do, the family wanted to produce a product that highlighted the history of blackberries in the area of Starlight, Indiana therefore, BLACKBERRY WHISKEY seemed to fit the mission. An aged light whiskey, our Blackberry Whiskey is blended with sun-ripened blackberries. Bottled at 84 proof which makes for a great spirit to be used in craft cocktails. Delicious neat with a little ice or perhaps mixed as "blackberry julep" or "blackberry lemonade" cocktail.

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