Dos Hombres Artesanal Mezcal 750ml
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Dos Hombres Artesanal Mezcal


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Category Mezcal
Region Mexico, Oaxaca
Brand Dos Hombres
Alcohol/vol 42%
Proof 84.00
A unique blend of the finest Espadin agave, hand-selected from the hillsides of a small village in Oaxaca. Dos Hombres presents an appealing fragrance and a rich taste that engages the palate, ensuring the distinctive smoothness of our brand. Serve neat in a snifter or extended glass to allow the mezcal to "awake," and fully appreciate the flavors and scents of a completely natural experience. Dos Hombres Espadin Mezcal is an open invitation to uncover and delight with the richness arising from the legendary craftsmanship of the best Mezcal Masters in Oaxaca.